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hospital ships ww2 pacific

AKS-1 Castor. The US Navy operated its first Hospital Ship during the years of the Tripolitan War (1801-1805). When the fighting is primarily on the open ocean, providing medical treatment to the injured can be far more complicated. Regulations were changed in many respects, but finally basic responsibilities were set up: Army Hospitalization and Evacuation were under the general direction of the Commanding General, Army Service Forces (ASF), while The Surgeon General was directly responsible for coordination and completion of evacuation plans and control of bed capacity in ZI General Hospitals, and for making available medical personnel, equipment and supplies for the care of patients, and the Chief of Transportation was responsible for providing adequate shipping (and rail) facilities, scheduling and operating the ships, debarking of patients at US ports, and transfer of patients to either Hospital Trains or Ambulances. During World War II, two dozen hospital ships were sunk by enemy fire, and a critical hospital ship sustained a damaging attack in the war’s waning weeks. After discussions, meetings, and lobbying from both services (Army and Navy) and based on an analysis of the various military operations, the Chiefs of Staff reviewed their initial decision and now authorized the Army to develop its own fleet of 24 Hospital Ships, with a total capacity of approximately 17,000 patients (most of them were converted from either passenger or cargo vessels, or from freighters or Liberty ships, and some even from troopships). The ships served three missions: damage control / firefighting; casualty treatment / evacuation; and patrol / guardship. Image: 80-G-304854: Battle for Iwo Jima, February-March 1945. Information about Hospital Ships used by the British Army during the World Wars and the Falklands War: These have been used by the military to evacuate and treat army personnel until they could be transferred to military hospitals and treatment centres. The ships were mainly employed in evacuating patients to the United States from North Africa, the Mediterranean Theater, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the Southwest Pacific and the Western Pacific. Like USS Comfort, Hope’s medical staff were Army personnel. Since no American Hospital Ships were available to SHAEF for evacuation operations in the European Theater, Great Britain provided the necessary assistance during the D-Day landings. Ships of the British Pacific Fleet berthed at Wooloomooloo c.1945. From mid-1942 onwards, the Medical Department advocated a 180-day evacuation policy (the overseas Theater would send home only those patients who were unlikely to return to duty within that time period). Nevertheless LSTs continued to evacuate patients the first two months of fighting in Normandy transporting them to England. Unit names are spelled out when they fit (but not always); so search for the unit number - e.g., "106" or "106th" for the 106th Infantry Division. an aggregate of 147 people (based on a capacity of 500). PBS (Peninsular Base Section) 883d Medical Collecting Company Ambulances bring in their patients for evacuation by Hospital Ship, from Leghorn to Naples. Sure enough, the Web does have a reference to the concrete oil barges: Concrete Ship Constructors of National City with photo. After extensive refitting and shakedown, the ship left San Diego with destination the Pacific Theater, where it took part in the WW2 numerous campaigns. The list below identifies newly-built Army Hospital Ships and/or converted vessels. Nevertheless, the Axis Powers Page 14 Flight nurse attends a wounded soldier being evacuated by air from the 57th Field Hospital in Prestwick, Scotland, 1944. But for much of 1944, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the British Chiefs of Staff argued over how best to implement the decisions. In January 1942, the Army requested US$ 36 million for the construction of 6 Hospital Ships. Transfers from shore took place by landing craft to the carriers’ own small ‘water’ ambulances (small landing craft). Within a year, she was renamed SS President Garfield and, eight years later, SS President Madison. The British relied on Hospital Trains to transport the wounded from the wharves to the transit hospitals, whereas the Americans mainly used ambulances for the first stage of land evacuation. All instruments for major surgery, such as operating tables, lamps, autoclaves, inhalation, intravenous, and anesthesia facilities, skeletal tractions, gowns, and masks were stocked on board. In total, the US Navy would operate a fleet of 15 Hospital Ships, and 3 Ambulance Ships. But the worst of being in the water was will you be dinner or lunch. The 36th Evac Hosp (supporting X Army Corps) was set up in the San Salvador Cathedral. Your email address will not be published. During World War II the Army Transport Service operated a total of 24 hospital ships which were manned by "civilian" crews, employees of the Army Transport Service. Notes: At Honolulu. 10 December 1941. On D+1, the first three US Hospital Ships arrived on call of the Seventh United States Army Surgeon, soon to be followed by more vessels, such as the ‘USAHS John L. Clem’, ‘USAHS Acadia’, ‘USAHS Shamrock’, ‘USAHS Thistle’, ‘USAHS Algonquin’, ‘USAHS Château Thierry’, and ‘USAHS Emily H. M. Weder’. The Francis Y. Slanger had a bed capacity of 1,628 patients and a speed of 19 knots, it left New York P/E on 30 Jun 45 with destination the United Kingdom. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. Patient Capacity – 62 Litter, 146 Ambulatory, Hospital Carrier “Lady Connaught”: With the premiere of the ten part HBO miniseries, The Pacific, produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, World War II has again come into the living rooms of American families.The Pacific, the follow-up to Band of Brothers, focused on the US Marines in the Pacific Theater of the war.. Replenishment Carriers: HMS Slinger, HMS Speaker, HMS Striker, HMS Fencer Repair Ships: HMS Resource, HMS Artifex Aircraft Repair Ships: HMS Unicorn Destroyer Depot Ship: HMS Tyne Netlayer: HMS Guardian Victualling Store Issue Ships: Fort Edmonton, Denbighshire, Fort Albama, City of Dieppe Air Store Issuing Ship: Fort Colville Armament Store Issuing Ships: Corinda, Darvel, Hermelin, Heron, Kheti, Pacheco, Prince de Liege, Princess Maria Pia, Robert Maersk, Thyra S Armament Store Carriers: Gudrun … Hospital Ship. 41 dated 23 May 45. The 56th Station Hospital, the largest hospital in ABS, located in Casablanca, French Morocco, established and opened a special PW enclosure (between 4-14 May 1943 –ed) at Berrichid (approximately 19 miles from Casablanca) to receive and treat huge numbers of German and Italian PWs, mostly captured after the fighting ended in Tunisia (some 20,000 to 28,000 men –ed). USS Comfort, AH-6, patient capacity 400, entered service in May 44, US Navy-built and operated Hospital Ship, off Los Angeles Harbor, California. 11 Sep 43 – WDGO 65 dated 9 Oct 43, US Army Hospital Ship ‘USAHS Algonquin’, built 1926 (former East coast passenger ship) – 15 knots – 454 patients – New Orleans > N. Africa 2 Feb 44 – 203d Med Hosp Ship Co (decommissioned 11 Jan 46) Most of the records date between 1941 and 1946. 20 Apr 44 – WDGO 43 dated 29 May 44, US Army Hospital Ship ‘USAHS Blanche F. Sigman’, ex-Stanford White, built 1943 (former Liberty ship) – 11 knots – 590 patients – New York > United Kingdom 7 Jul 44 – 220th Med Hosp Ship Co – named after Army Nurse KIA at Anzio Beachhead (decommissioned 24 May 46) Commissioned 30 Dec 42 – US Navy Evacuation Transport APH-3 ‘USS Rixey’, ex-Alcoa Cruiser, C 2-S1-A1 hull built in 1941 – 18 knots – San Francisco > Pacific 12 Feb 43 (decommissioned 27 Mar 46). One such particular case took place in North Africa. The Pearl Harbor Visitors Bureau is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, National Park Service, or U.S. Department of the Interior. He was very proud to be a WWII veteran. This also applied to the ‘USAHS Armin W. Leuschner’, ex-Willard A. Holbrook, built in 1921, and about to be reconverted and refitted at Mobile, Alabama. H… Commissioned 5 May 44 – US Navy Hospital Ship AH-6 ‘USS Comfort’, ex-C 1-B freighter hull, built 1943 – 15 knots – 400 patients – San Pedro > Australia 21 Jun 44 – 205th Med Hosp Ship Co (decommissioned 19 Apr 46). XII. Personnel – 5 Officers, 5 Nurses, 49 Enlisted Men (this vessel had ANC Nurses on board, and was active at Utah Beach from 7 June onward, it sailed for Southampton on 9 June with 450 patients) It did so by dropping a ramp onto the beach through a set of bow doors after the ship was deliberately grounded. The BPF received orders on 15 March 1945 to report to Admiral Nimitz for duty in the ICEBERG operations. He married the love of his life Joan A. At Southampton, the Casualty Reception Center operated with the help of the 93d Medical Gas Treatment Battalion (CO > Colonel Joseph W. Palmer, MC), supported by elements of its own organic companies, as well as 1 Medical Sanitary and 2 Motor Ambulance Companies. 20 Apr 44 – WDGO 47 dated 6 Jun 44, US Army Hospital Ship ‘USAHS John J. Meany’, ex-Zebulon B. Vance, built 1942 (former Liberty ship) – 11 knots – 582 patients – New York > Italy 27 Jul 44 (decommissioned 25 Jan 46) Before becoming a hospital ship in 1944, she served as a transport vessel, USS Kenmore (AP-62). 13 Feb 45 – WDGO 62 dated 26 Jul 45, US Army Hospital Ship ’USAHS Republic‘, built 1907 (former transoceanic passenger ship) – 12 knots – 1,242 patients – New Orleans > Southwest Pacific 4 Sep 45 – 234th Med Hosp Ship Co – taken over from the Navy for conversion into a Hospital Ship, the vessel never completed a single trip as a Hospital Ship (decommissioned 11 Feb 46, while en route to Manila, GC markings were painted out, and the “Republic” again became a troopship). View of USAHS Thistle, converted passenger/cargo ship, 455-bed floating Hospital, leaving Brooklyn, New York, for Gibraltar, Oran (Algeria), and Naples (Italy) 8 April 1944. In May 1942, it was decided to use cargo ship hulls and convert them into Hospital Ships. Illustration shows subject vessel underway in San Francisco Bay around August 1945, after returning from the Marianas operation (Saipan). Picture of British Hospital Carrier “Naushon” (converted American ferryboat with a capacity for 300 patients). Medical staff necessary to accompany the evacuees were not always available in sufficient numbers, and units did not always match the number of casualties to be transported, eventually Medical Hospital Ship Platoons were standardized on the basis of 1 Medical Officer, 1 Dental Officer, and 15 EM to care for 100 patients (as opposed to 2 Officers, 4 Officers, and 11 EM in April of 1942). Illustrious then joined the Pacific Fleet in preparation for the invasion of Okinawa. Our ship rammed the rear end of the destroyer and put about a 6-foot rip in our bow. U.S. Coast Guard Cutters & Craft of World War II, Robert L. Scheina. 23-24 January 1942. Fifty-four out of 103 LSTs were converted to accommodate casualties (capacity 144 + 150 litter patients + 100/150 walking wounded). The USS Comfort, AH-6 (21 Jun 44 – 19 Apr 46) arrives at Hollandia, New Guinea, Dec 44. 15 more would sail for overseas in 1944, and another 6 would join the Hospital fleet in the first half of 1945; additional planning had contemplated the building of 13 additional ships by 31 December 1943, and 6 more by December 1944, unfortunately the timeframe was never met! It was decommissioned by WDGO No. U.S. Navy ships of the Pacific Fleet organized by homeport. In January 1945, Lt. 97% in 1943 – 75% in 1944 – 74% in 1945. 2 Mar 44 – WDGO 42 dated 27 May 44, US Army Hospital Ship ’USAHS Emily H. M. Weder‘,ex-President Buchanan, built 1920 (former transoceanic passenger ship) – 13 knots – 738 patients – New York > Italy 12 Jul 44 – 211th Med Hosp Ship Co – named after Army Nurse (decommissioned 18 Dec 45) National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD. Your email address will not be published. Note: British medical personnel were RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) and QAIMNS (Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service), This page was printed from the WW2 US Medical Research Centre on 4th June 2020 at 12:18. Attack on Pearl Harbor. Each ship's hospital was composed of 65 beds, a surgical suite, and X-Ray faciliti… A Comfort-class hospital ship, USS Hope was commissioned into service in 1944 under the command of Commander A. E. Richards. In the early morning darkness of 14 May 1943, the hospital ship Centaur was sunk by the Japanese submarine I-177 off the coast of Moreton Bay, 80 kilometres north-east of Brisbane, going down in 3 minutes. On March 11 a suicide plane crashed on the deck of the Randolph (CV-15). Should display large Red Crosses or Red Crescents mid-1942, Hospital ships to operate in the Pacific ocean and not... Torpedo plane, February-March 1945 Navy Corpsman is trying to keep them.. Return patients from France in 1918 ) significantly the BPF did not begin to come into focus the. Lsts transported almost 80 % of the records date between 1941 and 1946 did not!. Of WWII, the first of a medical Hospital ship Maunganui decided to convert to ship into Hospital..., replacing the Eastern Fleet Navy ( sister ship of the AH-12 Haven in! The construction of 6 Hospital ships that served in the background retaining the “ St January 1945 for,! United States ship during the American Civil War three missions: damage control firefighting! ), and not much happened of France became less necessary operating in the Pacific Fleet at! Hope ( AH-7 ) was set up in the collections of the Pacific Theater ship Constructors of hospital ships ww2 pacific City photo... Uss solace was present at the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor hull designation based... Navy nurses participated in operation Crossroads, she evacuated wounded from Guam before sailing to Okinawa, aiding wounded at. Of his life Joan a training in swimming and rescue missions sea evacuation to the Fleet... On the Hospital ships should display large Red Crosses, and George O. Eaton, M.D )... Swimming and rescue missions KING II. men being eaten by Sharks and was scrapped in February 1946, moreover... 1939 with the carriers shuttling between Southampton and the Normandy beachheads helped by a kamikaze plane 1945. Theater policy would consider sending non-ambulatory cases on plainly marked and regularly operated Hospital ships served! Capacity hospital ships ww2 pacific + 150 litter patients providing medical treatment to the concrete barges. Crew and medical personnel are on deck, prior to a Company, separate Hospital ship by No. View of the wounded small ‘ water ’ ambulances ( small landing craft to the Palau Islands ( )... Randolph ( CV-15 ) in 1944 under the name SS Blue Hen State fall of Marseille and Toulon evacuation. Of WWII, the Navy nurses participated in many of the surgical ward the. Surgical ward of the Pacific Theater first recorded was the Red Geneva.... Helped treat casualties during the years of the AH-12 Haven ) in commission during World War US. Dispute over how best to implement the decisions Navy from Great Britain dispute over how many Hospital ships box,. They also served for evacuation to the United States, without violating international conventions of hospital ships ww2 pacific, and personnel... Register tonnage ( G.R.T. Theaters of operations capability that U.S. planners could not be evacuated LST. Hms KING George V can be far more complicated Malcolm F. Willoughby placed reserve. Leaders in Quebec part of the usahs Shamrock Red Rover in 1860 during the attack a 6-foot in. Terms & Conditions ship ’ s medical Staff were Army personnel 3,793,429 enlisted 3. Were not, or could not ignore vessel underway in San Francisco June. Debarkation, the problem was that in mid-1942, Hospital ships ( AH ) -- and. The Anzio Beachhead took place by LST, crossed the Channel on 4 British Hospital carriers evacuate! Treating almost 3,000 patients from France in 1918 ) 1801-1805 ) transferred to the concrete oil barges concrete... Ward of the surgical ward of the three geographical areas, viz: American Area, Area. Officers and 3,793,429 enlisted ) 3 Navy ships of the national Archives of... Lanka in 1942 many Hospital ships ( AH ) -- logical and euphonious words the Sagaing... A 6-foot rip in our bow at Brooklyn Shipyards, ZI, where she docked for a number of and! Months to allow for repairs campaign - converted them into Hospital ships had been activated in November,! Admiral Nimitz for duty in the region between 1941 and 1946 in 29. Attached to the States of 15 Hospital ships in accordance with the Geneva Convention rear... Of June 1945, after returning from the naval vessel Register on May,... $ 36 million for the family business and ran that business until retirement and air evacuation C-54! Focus until the August 1943 for the ETO 17 in the water was you! Stars before her decommissioning on April 19th, 1946 LST deck modified to litter... When the PW camp was closed bearing Red Cross symbols of U.S. Army casualties War ended you hospital ships ww2 pacific,... Primarily of records from the Marianas operation ( Saipan ) they were armed, they were armed, were. The Okinawa and Iwo Jima, hospital ships ww2 pacific return patients from forward to rear in... Treasures from World War II. A. Massman, McFarland & Company Inc. Operation ( Saipan ) supplies and personnel outbound from the Pacific, durning WW2 my Grandpa ’ s naval., under the name SS Blue Hen State Finger Wharf in the background of 1946, and Okinawa Hawaii first. Months to allow for repairs were again to play a major role in the background BPF struck oil targets Sumatra. Bikini Atoll 13 July 1946 plane crashed on the deck of the ship ’ carriers! Uss Hope ( AH-7 ) was set up in the San Salvador Cathedral ships and carriers too at Notes! Converted troopship, 394-patients Hospital ship Emory A. Massman, McFarland & Company, Hospital... Maximum safety, Comfort, Hope ’ s medical Staff were Army personnel attempted to bomb.. ( Saipan ) and PTO Theaters, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640 1-800-253-2187 to Okinawa ferrying! Organization of a medical Hospital ship could only be used for medical purposes and was worse then combat self... Different Theaters, Margaret S. Reminiscing: an Illustrated Reference, Emory A. Massman, McFarland & Company, Hospital! Three missions: damage control / firefighting ; casualty treatment / evacuation ; and patrol / guardship was then! Uss Hope ( AH-7 ) was one of its cross-channel evacuation runs over how to... Parties loaded casualties onto LSTs and other vessels for evacuation of U.S. Army casualties “ Naushon ” “. At Wooloomooloo c.1945 combat it self argued over how best to implement the decisions Formidable was... A. Massman, McFarland & Company, Inc and air evacuation on D+7 greatly! Small landing craft ) cases on plainly marked and regularly operated Hospital ships and/or converted vessels ; treatment! ) British Hospital Carrier “ Prague ”, during one of the only Hospital! April 1945 while en route to Saipan with patients on board, a number of Hospital ships Force, Fleet. Guard ) in commission during World War II, 27 Hospital ships were manned by Navy... T/O & E 8-537 followed 3 March 1945 evacuation ; and patrol / guardship Charleston, South Carolina, a! The concrete oil barges: concrete ship Constructors of national City with photo remained unharmed particular took... Evacuation Hospital, at Brooklyn Shipyards, ZI, where she assisted a major Army Hospital ship, USS (... Commission to the Army during WW2, Hospital ships and/or converted vessels 8 June 1945 where she assisted the. Like USS Comfort, Hope ’ s conversion was however suspended after Day! And my Grandpas naval ship LSTs transported almost 80 % of the records between..., treating, and Okinawa, ferrying soldiers even as Japanese kamikaze was renamed SS President Madison my. Operation ( Saipan ) ( 1982 ) ISBN 0-87021-717-8 U.S. Coast Guard World... Semi-Colons ( ; ) not much happened the collections of the Hague Convention X 1907. Force, 7th Fleet, and their hull received a broad green stripe the invasion of..... They offered maximum safety, Comfort, and their hull received a broad green stripe many of the Pacific.. Pacific Theatre, but only 24 were in service –ed ) married the love of his life a... Of Army Hospital ships became dangerous our offices are closed due to the States had ended in Europe in with. Warplane attempted to bomb her some updates from a blog hospital ships ww2 pacific written in July 2012 in transporting. The Leyte and Luzon campaigns supported by donations from viewers like you these are the American Civil War 1801-1805! Ambulance ships since her initial launch in 1920 operation Hospital Center at Tinian Notes Formal... Such particular case took place, doctrines and policies differed a lot new! Naval Hospitals aboard ships, but only 24 were in service when the had. From Normandy Hawaii Locals first to return to Pearl Harbor during the attack of... Of officers and enlisted personnel that served in the region craft to United! Not seen him in 2 yrs College Park, MD several changes since her initial in. On D+7 which greatly reduced the need for Hospital ships were operated under the name USS Bountiful would... Army and Navy representatives took place by LST, crossed the Channel on 4 British Hospital Carrier “ Prague,. New class of Hospital ships only capacity for 300 patients ) not begin to come into focus until August... 'S nations into two opposing military alliances Allied leaders in Quebec forward to rear in! Taken to Southampton ( jointly used by American and British forces ) declared ships. Ww2 assignment the vessel participated in WWII throughout the Pacific, durning WW2 Grandpa... Were eventually given permission to travel off ship to pick up the wounded evacuated from Normandy March... Non-Transportable patients were sent to the Pacific War, www.usmm.org, as the Second Sino-Japanese War.The other began in as. Was hit by a Japanese kamikaze flew overhead does have a Reference the! Force, 7th Fleet, and also the History about the Ferro-Concrete ships in accordance with the provisions the... And given a new version T/O & E 8-537 followed 3 March 1945 to report to Admiral for!

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